A little about me

My name is Robert Kaucher. My friends call me Bob. I'm a coder, technology enthusiast and "fitness" geek. I currently work for Trimble Navigation as a developer and my primary responsibilities are line-of-business development in multiple web platforms including HTML5/JavaScript, ASP.NET MVC and SharePoint.

In addition to software development I really enjoy learning human languages. I speak Portuguese fluently and Irish (Gaeilge) at an intermediate level. I can also get by reasonably well in Spanish and  plan on learning Russian in the future.

I'm also a frequent participant in the SharePoint StackExchange. If you are a SharePoint techie, swing by and upvote some questions and answers - and I don't mean just mine. As a community it's not getting a lot of voting participation so come do what you can! If you already belong to SP-SE, then don't forget: If a question deserves an answer, it deserves an upvote!