Language Learning Sprint Retrospective for 2018-11-04 - 2018-11-17

During this sprint I completed a chapter in Nuovo Magari, 4 exercises in 202 Esercizi C1/C2, and a chapter in Comunicare in Italiano. I also listened to a lecture on the barbarian invasion of Rome (more than an hour long) and read an article in Focus Storia on ancient Rome. I did not do the writing that I wanted in this time period. I wanted to complete two chapters in Nuovo Magari and hope to still be able to accomplish this in my down time this week since it’s a holiday. Though, strictly speaking, I should not be doing that and should just save it for the next sprint.

Things I need to start doing

The number on thing is watching more TV programs in Italian. I believe that this is really the best way to get more advanced input. Reading, even reading complicated things is far too easy for me. As is listening too audiobooks. I don’t have any problems, generally watching TV in Italian, but there are certain programs that represent a challenge to me. Rocco Schiavone is an example. The eponymous character is really hard for me too understand. And it’s almost like he’s just mumbling me. There are times in the dialog where I am left uncertain if he said something that was intentionally obscured by the director or writers. But I’m fairly sure it’s just me. On the other hand, I don’t have this issue with any of the other characters in the show.

I also believe that I need to start recording my sessions again and actually review them.

Things I need to stop doing

I need to stop working during my lunch period and focus my time during the week on learning. It’s easy when I have an iTalki lesson but if I am working on something interesting, I frequently tend to continue working on it and skip the time I should be setting aside to learning. I am also getting way too distracted on weekends.

Things I need to continue doing

I’m not bad at getting the work done that I have set for myself if I actually sit down to do it. My sessions are, I believe, at the correct level for myself. I’m able to get my new material into Anki within a reasonable time frame and still keep the number of cards to a reasonable level. This is a difficult balancing act. I don’t feel that I can handle reviewing more than 60 cards per day, so the number of card that I add is a big factor in managing my review of grammar and new vocabulary.